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10. Membership Cards

BSRFC Membership Card

On the front of your BSRFC Membership Card you will find your Membership Number.


This Membership Number should be added to your Pitchero account if it is not already there.

If you have not received your card or believe you should have one, in the first instance check with either the shop or the bar staff. If you still have an issue please contact Niall Mccrae Vice Chairman

On the reverse of the card are instructions on how to top up your card using the link provided:

The card allows you to preload funds which you can use in the main bar and marquee bar.
You will also be able to load money onto the card at the main bar in the clubhouse via a bank card or cash transfer. We are hoping to add additional areas as to where your card can be used in the future, and we will notify all club members when these services are updated or become available.

How to Create an Account

To allow you to top up your card, check your balance and check your expenditure you will need to set up an online account. To do this you will need to:

Register your account by visiting Card Top Up and click Sign Up.

Complete the registration form. Then, on logging in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to validate your account by entering your account unique key.

Once your account is validated choose the ‘Topup account’ button to update the balance on your account.

Each time you wish to check your account or update your balance visit Card Top Up and login with your username and password.

Queries should be directed to: Membership Secretary or Vice Chairman