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1. BSRFC Membership Guidelines 2024/25

Welcome to BSRFC membership guidelines for the season 2024/25.

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We will be collecting membership subscriptions via the BSRFC website which is managed by Pitchero, we hope you find it easy to use, however any questions you might have please email our membership secretary at Email Membership Secretary

Please click on the links you see to the left to learn more about each membership type or go straight to our shop where you can ew and renew your membership.

Membership Term

It appears there might be some confusion among the playing population about what the 'membership term' entails. Here's a clear breakdown of the concept and details that can be communicated to members:

Understanding the 'Membership Term'

1. Definition:
• The 'membership term' refers to the specific duration for which a member's subscription is valid. This is typically a fixed period, BSRFC membership term is seasonal, within a predefined timeframe.
2. Duration:
• Seasonal Membership: Covers the rugby season, often from September to May. In the case of BSRFC we extend our membership up to the AGM, normally held in July, unless you are a touch player, where it will last up until the start of the next season.
• Half-Season Membership: May be offered for late joiners, covering half of the regular season.
3. Start and End Dates:
• The 2024 rugby season membership is valid from September 1, 2024, to the AGM in 2025.
• Members will be able to purchase memberships from a date specified after the AGM, possibly as soon as August or as early as July 2025.


As a Parent and/or Player of all ages it is vital you register and maintain a current membership record with the RFU and supply your RFU ID number to us by entering it under Membership Information.

Managing your RFU record

If you are new to our club and interested in joining please register with the RFU online to obtain a RFU membership ID:


If you are renewing your membership for this season, please log in to RFU GMS account using the following link and ensure all your data is up to date. You must also AFFILIATE the player in your charge, on an annual basis.


Insurance Cover
Please note: Once membership is paid, both the player and the club benefit from insurance cover. No one is insured otherwise!